We develop, finance and produce or co-produce stop motion animation related content for the global market. Project types ranging from short films, feature films, series, … to integrated media. We work closely together with international producers, distributors and broadcasters bringing to life enchanting stories and lovable characters. And yes, we won some awards doing that.

Beast Animation provides an experienced professional crew and a network of production partners able to handle production tasks from script to screen, covering design, storyboards, animatics, character development, puppet building, set building, animation, lighting and framing, editing, VFX, compositing, grading, audio recording, SFX, etc.


Beast Animation handles the direction of various kinds of stop motion related projects: feature films, advertising, series, TV leaders, short films etc.
We put our efforts in projects from the concept stage and direct until delivery.
We are passionate about our craft, and we challenge ourselves to leave a lasting impression with every piece of work.