Fluffy Four

Kevin, a creative, somewhat clumsy sheep of 16 years old, has been searching all of his life to find the Golden Record that was sent into space in 1977. Kevin’s parents worked on the Golden Record project, but sadly passed away when Kevin was still a lamb. Kevin is convinced that his parents left him a message on that record and he’s determined to find it to fill the emptiness in his heart.

Kevin’s attempts to launch himself fail time and time again. When he ends up in the hospital, his friends set out to help him: Agnes, a nervous goat, Michael, an intellectual pig, and Monique, an overenthusiastic cow. They are the Fluffy Four.

They visit Agnes’ Uncle, a mad scientist who also worked on the Golden Record project, but withdrew because he feared an alien invasion. Uncle became an extreme doomsday-prepper, building a huge underground bunker. When he leaves his visitors alone in the bunker for a moment, Monique – curious as always – pushes a button. Instantly, the Fluffy Four are blasted into space.

When they find out how to fly the enormous beetroot-shaped spaceship, Kevin is happy, he’s finally in space! But his friends prefer to get back to Earth. After a heated argument with Agnes, Kevin leaves in a small spaceship, to find the Golden Record.

But then things get really wicked. The Fluffy Four are captured by an army of unicorn alpacas, on a mission to dominate the universe. The alpaca’s happen to have found the Golden Record and have learned about the existence of Earth. Kevin and his friends must join forces like a true flock to get the Golden Record, stop the alpaca’s and save Earth.

Stop motion animated feature film – 75′ – in development

Writers and directors: Ben Tesseur and Steven De Beul

Producers: Annemie Degryse and Jan De Clercq

Production company: Lunanime, Belgium

Target audience: Family

Genre: adventure comedy