Annecy Festival Sponsor Trailer

Sponsor trailer for the 2019 Annecy International Animation Film Festival

Created by Beast Animation
Directors: Ben Tesseur and Steven De Beul
Line Producer: Dorien Schetz
Animation: Steven De Beul and Ben Tesseur

Produced by Lunanime
Executive Producers:
 Annemie Degryse and Jan De Clercq
Production Manager:Delphine Dumon
Legal Advisor: Annick Moons

Storyboard: Hilaire Van den Broeck
Puppet Building: Pedri Animation – Paul Mathot
Rabbits:3D printed by Pix & Real – Pascal Berger
Set Construction: Maarten De With
Props Construction:Iris Alexandre – Assisted by Elise Eetesonne
DOP & Light:Steven Frederickx
Light Equipment:Spots Unlimited

Created with the support of

VC Studios – image post production
Post production supervisor:Stijn Calis
compositors:Kaj De Muynck – Jonathan Cuvelier – Xenia Tranchet – Isa Hurkmans

The Image and sound Factory – audio post production
Mixing Engineer: Pedro Van der Eecken
Production Coordinator: Anna de Lepeleere
Music Composed by: Steven De Beul & Ben Tesseur
Voice Talent:Clara Cleymans – Thomas Cordie – Mieke Laureys

Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund/VAF