Dimitri S1

Dimitri, a little bird from northern Europe, has landed on the plains of Ubuyu in Africa. Every day, he learns to overcome his fears and discovers a world full of surprises. In Ubuyu, being different is an asset that he will share with Makeba the giraffe, Oko the zebra and Pili the meerkat.

Stop motion animated series 26x5’ + 26’ special.

Production company: Vivement Lundi! (FR), Beast Animation (BE), Nadadsy Films (CH).
Distributor: France Télévisions Distribution.
Directed by Agnes Lecreux.
Co-directed by Ben Tesseur and Steven De Beul.
Producers: Jean-François Le Corre, Mathieu Courtois, Ben Tesseur, Steven De Beul.
Music: Hans Helewaut.
Scripts: Matthieu Chevallier & Agnès Lecreux.
DOP: Simon Filliot, Steven Frederickx.

In coproduction with VRT, RTS, Mollywood. With the participation of FranceTélévisions, CNC, Cinéforom. With the support of VAF/Mediafund, Screen Flanders, Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship, The Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government, Procirep, Angoa, Creative Europe program.